How to organize a Christmas party for your office mates?

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Christmas is just around the corner- and you know that means it is the party season. It is time to share joy with your office mates, so why not plan a Christmas party for them? During this time friendship grows stronger, relations are strengthened and feeling of empathy is spread among all.

How to organize a good Christmas party?

  • Get everyone’s viewpoints- Involve everyone and ask for opinions on what is being liked and what is not. You can share your thoughts and ideas, and together can have new and unique ideas for a party. Avoid the things which were not appreciated in the earlier party, and introduce fresh ideas.
  • Know about your budget– When you have a budget, working towards it becomes easier. You can also look for the sponsors from higher management. You can avail of company discounts and promos if possible. Knowing the budget before hand will help you decide what things to be added and what to not.


  • Activities of the party- Decide on party activities and make it a memorable one. You can opt for musical chairs, dances and you can also exchange gifts, possibly be a secret Santa to your friends. Select a funny host who can make the environment lively and fun with jokes. Everyone should enjoy to the fullest and leave office matters aside. One of the most popular Melbourne xmas party venue offers much more than just the venue, they help you setup and make the party awesome, says Harbour Kitchen at Docklands.
  • Theme party – Why not set up a theme party this year? It will add more fun and colors to your party. Theme can be Halloween or retro theme, and sure to involve everyone.
  • Divide the tasks- One cannot manage the entire work alone, so divide the responsibilities and assign to teams. Delegate work in teams such as decoration team, catering team, refreshments team games team etc, which will, in turn, run your party in a smooth manner.


  • Catering– Decide what kind of meal and starters to be served. Will it be a buffet? Or a sit down meal? Whatever it is, you should decide in advance. Hire a catering company for food and beverages. Make sure when to serve the drinks, refreshments and snacks. Serve your guests a welcome drink. One such AWESOME catering company in Melbourne is iQ catering Heidelberg.
  • Location – The venue should be very well known to all the colleagues. The venue’s management should ensure that adequate space is available for parking. Seating and table arrangements need to be convenient. Look for the other requirements such as dance floor, lights, music and cleaning services.

Here are other important points to be considered

  • Everyone should be available on the date decided for the Christmas party.
  • Make sure all your office mates enjoy and participate in the party
  • Communicate the theme party before, so everyone can have their attire ready.
  • Set the limit for alcohol. Though alcohol adds fun to the parties, it should be limited.

The success of an event is not only dependent on the organizer but also on the subordinates who are attending the party. Always remember that despite being the organizer, you have the license to enjoy yourself and actively participate in all events.

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