Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival – what to expect?

Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival – what to expect?

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Melbourne has always been the favourite place for the horse lovers, who like betting on horses and stallions or even for those, who own their stallions and want them to participate in the biggest of racing events. The famous Melbourne Cup event is also a part of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival that is the most awaited event of the year, enjoyed by the people of the entire country in the months of Spring. 2015-08-31 14-26-25

Different cups and events in Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival:

The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is the event that horse lovers and stallion owners wait for the entire year. The most important aspect of the racing competition or event is certainly the Melbourne Cup. This is the major cup of the event that hosts races and competition amongst some of the best breeds from across the globe. Stallion owners come to Melbourne during this Spring Carnival to have their stallions participate in this prestigious racing competition. The Melbourne Cup Carnival is a four-day long event that is held in the month of November, during the early half of the month at Flemington. This is home to this prestigious cup and every year, the competition to win this cup is held in here.

The other most important cup is the Caulfield Cup that holds a three-day long competition amongst the stoutest, thoroughbred stallions. This cup is played for at Caulfield, and hence it receives this name, and the competition is held in the month of October.

The carnival mood:

Although the events in this horse racing competition are solely associated with the stallions, but the mood that this competition sets is indeed a unique one. People come to Melbourne from different parts of the country as well as from across the globe. They all get indulged in a festival and carnival spirit, and the entire city receives a festive mood, where everyone enjoys and takes part in the wonderful races and competitions. 2015-08-31 14-28-19

At Moonee Valley and at Sandown, there are many other race days held during the two consecutive months of October and November and these are the WS Cox Plate day in October at Moonee Valley and the Sandown Classic day in November at Sandown. These two single racing days or competitions are also no less exciting and those, who miss out taking part in the Melbourne Cup or want to take part in only a single day competition, prefer to choose these cups or plates for their stallions. 2015-08-31 14-30-50

The best part of these competitions is not the prestige of winning alone, but also the huge amount of prize money that the horses will bring to you as their prestigious owners. The prize money depends on the distance that the horse has to cover and also on the prestige and popularity of the cup or plate that the horse is racing for. You can get a complete detail of the days on which the racing competitions and events are held so that you can enjoy the competition and take part in it. 2015-08-31 14-31-42
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