In Love with Melbourne Cup & Fashion

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The Melbourne Cup Festival is one of Australia’s most famous events. The festival was first held in the year 1881, in the Flemington Race course, Melbourne, Victoria. It was an event of Horse racing within the Elite crowds of the time. As the tradition continues, it is still conducted in the same place. The horse race winners are awarded with cash prizes and trophies. People around the city gathers on a November evening in fashionable designer clothes to engage in horse racing, chatting and many more activities. The Melbourne Cup Festival is a known to be a public holiday for the city Melbourne and other regional areas. During the 19th century, this carnival was held only for the rich, high class community and in the present they are still concerned with maintaining the rule. With the years The Melbourne Cup festival became more of a fashion event than a horse racing event.

Fashion is known around the world!

Melbourne is always known as the city of fashion in whole of Australia. The Cup festival is all about being Elite, Dressing Elegantly and carrying fame. Women arrive in beautiful elegant dresses and fashionable hats. Hats are a famous fashion symbol in the Melbourne fashion cup event. To resemble the Victorian era fashion style, the event participants wear fashionable hats. The Melbourne cup fashion is known all over the world that media and paparazzi is flowing in from every corner to the event and the fashion parade is judged by world famous celebrities.

The rules of the fashion!

According to the Horse racing dress rules, women are said to wear decently, elegantly and less revealing. After all, it’s a horse race, and they might have to walk on muddy fields. Wearing brand new, designer shoes wouldn’t be totally ideal. Starting from recently, women fashion at the cup festival was considered a world recognized thing. The Myer Fashion show was kept to choose the prettiest dress at the event. They were categorized according to how expensive each of their dresses were. Different Celebrities from all over the world were found at the Melbourne cup fashion festival.

The latest edition…

The most recent Melbourne cup fashion festival in November 2016 was indeed a special one. The fashion parade went well, and surprisingly Red was the trending colour. A large number of women were said to be wearing dashing red colour dresses or shades of red. Though some dresses were out of style or, rather unique, some dresses itself brought the attention of the media and paparazzi. Dressing elegantly is the key to slaying the event, and the rest is in the hands of the ones who choose their clothing.

A rulebook to follow!

A rule book of how to wear to the Melbourne Cup fashion festival exists but it doesn’t spell fashion very well. In the recently held cup fashion festival, some women were said to be wearing overly fashionable outfits with outnumbering amounts of accessories. Jewelry are a symbol of being Elite. But too much of them ruins fashion. Keeping it elegant and simple is enough. Some dresses were found rather awkward with lame design patterns. Hats in the event play a great role in fashion in the Melbourne Cup fashion festival. Some weren’t very attractive, yet some designer hats were astonishing.

However, Melbourne Cup Fashion festival is after all a Horse racing event, which has a history that dates back to almost two centuries. The evening is meant to be enjoyed by the ones who come to watch the race. It is all about dressing up elegantly, arriving elite, sipping cocktails and enjoying yummy food. It is what makes this event unique comparing to other events around the world.

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