Important things that a diving course must cover

By on Feb 18, 2015 in Health & Fitness |

Diving under water is surely a breath taking adventure but it might also prove to be dangerous if not carried out cautiously. Safety being the top most priority it is to be mandated  that the instructors themselves are certified advanced level scuba driver himself and  preferably has trained a bunch of successful scuba driver before. Once you are sure of the  institution offering the course and the instructor you can confidently go ahead of with the  course.

Since is the prime concern is the diver’s safety so it is the course’s obligation to guide the  divers about use of safe equipment. The instructor should make them realise the importance  of use of good quality masks, snorkel and dive fins. Repeated exposure to sea salt and  frequent can wear them off quite quickly so it is very important to use good brand products,  which has already established reliability in the market. This will minimise the chance of  mishap caused by a broken scuba gear.

The course should also create a basic understanding of equipment, from the mask to fins, each piece of diving equipment has an essential function and purpose, which should be well understood by the diving beginners.  Their accessibility and availability should also be facilitated by the institution itself or at least guided to as to how to secure it.  The course should begin the classroom basics of handling the equipment. Then can introduce to the pool level diving so that the working the equipment could be experienced. But the safety should not be compromised at any level so it should be well monitored by the instructors.

Most importantly the course should train the person for self-rescue and first emergency CPR so that the person is able to at least get through an incident if there is no medical facility available around. They should be psychologically prepared to cope with the stress created in such a situation and also to recognise this kind of fear among their fellow divers so that it can be tackled smoothly. They should be well prepared with all the possible efforts that can be put in to rescue panicked and unresponsive divers.

All this precautionary learning should not scare the diving beginner or create a frightful impression of the adventure they are to get into. The most important thing a diving course should be fun, it should be enjoyable thoroughly.  It should be challenging and thrilling yet it should be safe for everyone.  The beginners should feel the rush of the adventure they had hoped to get into. Their excitement level to try on this adventure sport should further heightened.

They course should be designed in a manner that the students are not just left with the artificial classroom learning but also be introduced to the undersea experience. They should be familiarised with the sea creatures and warned about the species which might not be passive about their presence and as to how to handle them.