Engage Yourself in Exciting Ice-Hockey Sport This Vacation

Engage Yourself in Exciting Ice-Hockey Sport This Vacation

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People playing it rough on the ice and skating their way off to score points seems like the most interesting thing on earth, right? Well, that is what ice hockey is like. So hockey, the normal kind, probably did not make the cut for some people and hence to up the ante, people had to invent ice hockey. The Icehouse is probably the best and the most innovative ice rink in Melbourne.

For those who are basically uninitiated, let us briefly say what ice hockey is actually is. So in the ice rink, two teams would play head on, having about six members in their team. The six members would include the goalie as well. So the basic idea is to score as many goals possible and compete against one another. The players need to score as many goals with the help of the puck and the goalie need to fend for their team. The game time is spread over 3×20 minutes time, and by the end of the game, the highest number of goals would determine the winning team. It is the perfect game for the hockey enthusiasts and those who would experience this game in the Icehouse of Melbourne will never be able to forget this game, forever.

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The Icehouse is the size of an Olympic-sized rink, which can seat up to 1000 people at once. It has a cafe for the people in dire need of food to munch on, while the game is on, a bar for those who would want to enjoy the game a bit more than others and, of course, a specialist winter sports gym under the same roof.

About 8 teams are part of the Ice Hockey league, and the Icehouse is the home ground for two great teams actually. One is the Melbourne Mustangs and the other one is the Melbourne Ice. These teams comprise of great players and champions to be precise who knows well enough the art of playing ice hockey in the most professional way. This rink provides the players with a fair chance to play the most amazing game that can engage the audiences in the best possible way.

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Thus, those who are visiting Melbourne for the first time, you have got to experience this great game with your know eyes to believe what we are saying. Include this game to your bucket list and make it a point that you catch it the next time you are in Melbourne. And those who have had already seen and been in this rink, knows exactly what we are talking about because it truly is an experience and the best thing to witnessing when in Melbourne. So, come one and come all and know for yourself how great this game is and how amazing it can make you feel. Get hooked to the game and be surprised as to how great a game it is. Get over the monotony of watching the same game over and over again and experience people running, hurdling and trying to score for their team while skating over ice. This is an interesting post shared by our sports sponsor TR Sports Melbourne offering top quality sports equipment like ping pong tables melbourne and other products likeĀ snooker tables for sale.