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good Christmas party
How to organize a Christmas party for your office mates?

Christmas is just around the corner- and you know that means it is the party season. It is time to share joy with your office mates, so why not plan a Christmas party for them? During this time friendship grows stronger, relations are strengthened and feeling of empathy is spread among all.

How to organize a good Christmas party?

  • Get everyone’s viewpoints- Involve everyone and ask for opinions on what is being liked and what is not. You can share your thoughts and ideas, and together can have new and unique ideas for a party. Avoid the things which were not appreciated in the earlier party, and introduce fresh ideas.
  • Know about your budget– When you have a budget, working towards it becomes easier. You can also look for the sponsors from higher management. You can avail of company discounts and promos if possible. Knowing the budget before hand will help you decide what things to be added and what to not.
  • Activities of the party- Decide on party activities and make it a memorable one. You can opt for musical chairs, dances and you can also exchange gifts, possibly be a secret Santa to your friends. Select a funny host who can make the environment lively and fun with jokes. Everyone should enjoy to the fullest and leave office matters aside. One of the most popular Melbourne xmas party venue offers much more than just the venue, they help you setup and make the party awesome, says Harbour Kitchen at Docklands.
  • Theme party – Why not set up a theme party this year? It will add more fun and colors to your party. Theme can be Halloween or retro theme, and sure to involve everyone.
  • Divide the tasks- One cannot manage the entire work alone, so divide the responsibilities and assign to teams. Delegate work in teams such as decoration team, catering team, refreshments team games team etc, which will, in turn, run your party in a smooth manner.


  • Catering– Decide what kind of meal and starters to be served. Will it be a buffet? Or a sit down meal? Whatever it is, you should decide in advance. Hire a catering company for food and beverages. Make sure when to serve the drinks, refreshments and snacks. Serve your guests a welcome drink. One such AWESOME catering company in Melbourne is iQ catering Heidelberg.
  • Location – The venue should be very well known to all the colleagues. The venue’s management should ensure that adequate space is available for parking. Seating and table arrangements need to be convenient. Look for the other requirements such as dance floor, lights, music and cleaning services.

Here are other important points to be considered

  • Everyone should be available on the date decided for the Christmas party.
  • Make sure all your office mates enjoy and participate in the party
  • Communicate the theme party before, so everyone can have their attire ready.
  • Set the limit for alcohol. Though alcohol adds fun to the parties, it should be limited.

The success of an event is not only dependent on the organizer but also on the subordinates who are attending the party. Always remember that despite being the organizer, you have the license to enjoy yourself and actively participate in all events.

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In Love with Melbourne Cup & Fashion

The Melbourne Cup Festival is one of Australia’s most famous events. The festival was first held in the year 1881, in the Flemington Race course, Melbourne, Victoria. It was an event of Horse racing within the Elite crowds of the time. As the tradition continues, it is still conducted in the same place. The horse race winners are awarded with cash prizes and trophies. People around the city gathers on a November evening in fashionable designer clothes to engage in horse racing, chatting and many more activities. The Melbourne Cup Festival is a known to be a public holiday for the city Melbourne and other regional areas. During the 19th century, this carnival was held only for the rich, high class community and in the present they are still concerned with maintaining the rule. With the years The Melbourne Cup festival became more of a fashion event than a horse racing event.

Fashion is known around the world!

Melbourne is always known as the city of fashion in whole of Australia. The Cup festival is all about being Elite, Dressing Elegantly and carrying fame. Women arrive in beautiful elegant dresses and fashionable hats. Hats are a famous fashion symbol in the Melbourne fashion cup event. To resemble the Victorian era fashion style, the event participants wear fashionable hats. The Melbourne cup fashion is known all over the world that media and paparazzi is flowing in from every corner to the event and the fashion parade is judged by world famous celebrities.

The rules of the fashion!

According to the Horse racing dress rules, women are said to wear decently, elegantly and less revealing. After all, it’s a horse race, and they might have to walk on muddy fields. Wearing brand new, designer shoes wouldn’t be totally ideal. Starting from recently, women fashion at the cup festival was considered a world recognized thing. The Myer Fashion show was kept to choose the prettiest dress at the event. They were categorized according to how expensive each of their dresses were. Different Celebrities from all over the world were found at the Melbourne cup fashion festival.

The latest edition…

The most recent Melbourne cup fashion festival in November 2016 was indeed a special one. The fashion parade went well, and surprisingly Red was the trending colour. A large number of women were said to be wearing dashing red colour dresses or shades of red. Though some dresses were out of style or, rather unique, some dresses itself brought the attention of the media and paparazzi. Dressing elegantly is the key to slaying the event, and the rest is in the hands of the ones who choose their clothing.

A rulebook to follow!

A rule book of how to wear to the Melbourne Cup fashion festival exists but it doesn’t spell fashion very well. In the recently held cup fashion festival, some women were said to be wearing overly fashionable outfits with outnumbering amounts of accessories. Jewelry are a symbol of being Elite. But too much of them ruins fashion. Keeping it elegant and simple is enough. Some dresses were found rather awkward with lame design patterns. Hats in the event play a great role in fashion in the Melbourne Cup fashion festival. Some weren’t very attractive, yet some designer hats were astonishing.

However, Melbourne Cup Fashion festival is after all a Horse racing event, which has a history that dates back to almost two centuries. The evening is meant to be enjoyed by the ones who come to watch the race. It is all about dressing up elegantly, arriving elite, sipping cocktails and enjoying yummy food. It is what makes this event unique comparing to other events around the world.

Melbourne cup is one of the most stylish, fashionable  and prestigious Australian event with thousands of people flocking in from different parts of the world to experience the day. Check out the awesome video about fashion, celebrities, fun and activities the event brings along with it. This info post has been shared by We Click Melbourne –  one of the most popular speed dating event website based out of Victoria. Check out their website for more events..

Horse Race
Horse Race Event at Narragansett Park in Pawtucket

Horses have been the love of the classes since ever. Horse racing is an event which due to its aspiration status has charmed one and all in the high societies. The magnificent animal makes everyone fall in love with it. Our blog lets you align your social life with the recent horse events to help you plan your social calendar. The video resources on our blog help you understand the horse related sport better. Also if you are new to this, we give you a small hint of the popularity and the excitement associated with these events. If you are a horse racing enthusiast – we help you learn the ropes.

Horse racing events have been around for quite a while. In earlier times, they were associated with the rich and the aristocracy. However, in present times, they can be enjoyed by millions of spectators. There are a large number of horse racing events organized across the world. If you are passionate about the sport, Lynden Parks Stallions blog will provide you the much needed dose of information. The blog has some interesting articles and video posts about various kinds of horse racing events. Watch the video to experience the thrill and excitement associated with horse racing events. The video will surely make you fall in love with the sport.

Horse Race at its Best

If you are one of those enthusiasts always on the look out for something new to try and some new people to meet and talk to, read this blog to keep yourself updated with all the singular and diverse events that are happening in the city, so you do not miss out on one. You can also get to know details regarding stallion management services here, and along with informing you about every carnival in the city, we specially focus on horse racing events, and the Melbourne Horse Cup.

Cup & Fashion
The Beauty of Hockey: The Greatest Game on the Planet

ce hockey is a challenging game. It is mostly seen playing in Australia. While people play ice hockey they get injured. If we follow some easy techniques and take some measures this game can be played with less injuries and will be more challenging. The players play an important role in this game, they need to be proper athletics. The first most important preparation for the players is Physical, mental and emotional preparation which is very much important to achieve a high rate of success for this game. The goal is considered to be the winning point of the game. Players should concentrate on the goal. This has been sponsored by Table tennis tables for sale and pool tables for sale by  a Melbourne based TR Sports business. 

Melbourne Cup Carnival the celebration that stops a nation

The Melbourne Cup truly is the epitome of all horse racing events ever to have existed on a global scale. Held every year in the city of Melbourne in Australia, this race involves the top horses from all around the world. Several people come to this event, as it is nothing short of a carnival that brings the entire city to a standstill. There are several people who bet on the races as well and earn a lot of money. But, how to bet on the races and how to make this a perfect getaway for the entire family? Simply search for blogs over the internet and understand what the bloggers have said there.

Ice Hockey
Top Guides Regarding Ice Hockey for Enthusiastic Players

There does not exist a single person in this world who is not fond of sports. Experts have clearly stated the fact that sports provide freedom of expression along with boosting the level of self-confidence. It also contributes in the maintaining of self-determination along with allowing a high level of competition is hence providing the feeling of high-level achievement at a young age.

Safety Guides Regarding Playing of Ice Hockey

When it comes to the playing of hockey on ice, the question is unanswerable. There are many sports fans who take it as a big challenge to win the game. But many people due to lack of safety tips fall prey to injury. There are some easy to follow techniques regarding ice hockey safety guides which may prove to be helpful for the athletes to reach their goal. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Preparing from top to bottom – Though ice hockey is played very rarely due to the inclusion of some challenges, but the players play an important role in this game. As they hold an important role in carrying out the success of the game, it is better to become well trained from day one. Physical, mental and emotional preparation is very much important to achieve a high rate of success. Keeping indulged in the workshops will let you know about some easy to follow tips and tricks. Please give due stress to stretching and warm shorts before you attempt to play the game.


  • Setting up the goal – It must be noted that the goal is considered to be the key to winning the hockey game. Hence in order to achieve the goal, you must try to keep your heads high instead of putting down. Until and unless you aim the top, you will not be able to move ahead from your present position. Prevent your mind from giving up and losing up of the level of confidence. While playing, try to remain relaxed and take no tensions as it may divert your mind.


  • Proper communication – Proper communication forms the most recognized ice hockey safety guides. The goalie plays a vital role in the winning of the game due to which he must be the loudest in the game. There must be proper communication between the goalie and other members of the team to defense the rival group. It will also enable in providing proper direction to the whole team. It is good to be vocal especially if you are being screened at or in case an opponent is close to you.


  • Wearing of the ready position – It is good to be at the right position to maintain the proper going on of the game. A nicely trained hockey goalie training drills and guides must be followed while starting a game and continue without any interruption. It is better to stay low with the knees bent, and the body weight must evenly distribute on the balls of the feet. Please note that the body must be the square of the shooter along with keeping the gloves in front and the stick in front of the blade flat on the ice.
Ice Hockey Melbourne
Engage Yourself in Exciting Ice-Hockey Sport This Vacation

People playing it rough on the ice and skating their way off to score points seems like the most interesting thing on earth, right? Well, that is what ice hockey is like. So hockey, the normal kind, probably did not make the cut for some people and hence to up the ante, people had to invent ice hockey. The Icehouse is probably the best and the most innovative ice rink in Melbourne.

For those who are basically uninitiated, let us briefly say what ice hockey is actually is. So in the ice rink, two teams would play head on, having about six members in their team. The six members would include the goalie as well. So the basic idea is to score as many goals possible and compete against one another. The players need to score as many goals with the help of the puck and the goalie need to fend for their team. The game time is spread over 3×20 minutes time, and by the end of the game, the highest number of goals would determine the winning team. It is the perfect game for the hockey enthusiasts and those who would experience this game in the Icehouse of Melbourne will never be able to forget this game, forever.


The Icehouse is the size of an Olympic-sized rink, which can seat up to 1000 people at once. It has a cafe for the people in dire need of food to munch on, while the game is on, a bar for those who would want to enjoy the game a bit more than others and, of course, a specialist winter sports gym under the same roof.

About 8 teams are part of the Ice Hockey league, and the Icehouse is the home ground for two great teams actually. One is the Melbourne Mustangs and the other one is the Melbourne Ice. These teams comprise of great players and champions to be precise who knows well enough the art of playing ice hockey in the most professional way. This rink provides the players with a fair chance to play the most amazing game that can engage the audiences in the best possible way.


Thus, those who are visiting Melbourne for the first time, you have got to experience this great game with your know eyes to believe what we are saying. Include this game to your bucket list and make it a point that you catch it the next time you are in Melbourne. And those who have had already seen and been in this rink, knows exactly what we are talking about because it truly is an experience and the best thing to witnessing when in Melbourne. So, come one and come all and know for yourself how great this game is and how amazing it can make you feel. Get hooked to the game and be surprised as to how great a game it is. Get over the monotony of watching the same game over and over again and experience people running, hurdling and trying to score for their team while skating over ice. This is an interesting post shared by our sports sponsor TR Sports Melbourne offering top quality sports equipment like ping pong tables melbourne and other products like snooker tables for sale.

diving course
Important things that a diving course must cover

Diving under water is surely a breath taking adventure but it might also prove to be dangerous if not carried out cautiously. Safety being the top most priority it is to be mandated  that the instructors themselves are certified advanced level scuba driver himself and  preferably has trained a bunch of successful scuba driver before. Once you are sure of the  institution offering the course and the instructor you can confidently go ahead of with the  course.

Since is the prime concern is the diver’s safety so it is the course’s obligation to guide the  divers about use of safe equipment. The instructor should make them realise the importance  of use of good quality masks, snorkel and dive fins. Repeated exposure to sea salt and  frequent can wear them off quite quickly so it is very important to use good brand products,  which has already established reliability in the market. This will minimise the chance of  mishap caused by a broken scuba gear.

The course should also create a basic understanding of equipment, from the mask to fins, each piece of diving equipment has an essential function and purpose, which should be well understood by the diving beginners.  Their accessibility and availability should also be facilitated by the institution itself or at least guided to as to how to secure it.  The course should begin the classroom basics of handling the equipment. Then can introduce to the pool level diving so that the working the equipment could be experienced. But the safety should not be compromised at any level so it should be well monitored by the instructors.

Most importantly the course should train the person for self-rescue and first emergency CPR so that the person is able to at least get through an incident if there is no medical facility available around. They should be psychologically prepared to cope with the stress created in such a situation and also to recognise this kind of fear among their fellow divers so that it can be tackled smoothly. They should be well prepared with all the possible efforts that can be put in to rescue panicked and unresponsive divers.

All this precautionary learning should not scare the diving beginner or create a frightful impression of the adventure they are to get into. The most important thing a diving course should be fun, it should be enjoyable thoroughly.  It should be challenging and thrilling yet it should be safe for everyone.  The beginners should feel the rush of the adventure they had hoped to get into. Their excitement level to try on this adventure sport should further heightened.

They course should be designed in a manner that the students are not just left with the artificial classroom learning but also be introduced to the undersea experience. They should be familiarised with the sea creatures and warned about the species which might not be passive about their presence and as to how to handle them.


Beginner Boxers
8 Best Workouts for Beginner Boxers

There are millions of ways to stay fit and healthy, but it’s on you what you choose for your own. You may have thought of boxing, as a sport that we see and enjoy. But are you even aware, how much it could help you to raise your fitness level. Boxing is one of the greatest workouts. It is also the most challenging than any other sports you could think of. If you’re a beginner in boxing and lives in big city, you can easily find a boxing training club who can teach easiest methods to help you in your boxing regime. Boxing training centers are having a variety of exercises by using boxing principles and cross-fit styles.


  1. Fight stance or basic stance makes it easier to attack and defend for beginner boxers. In this posture, you are completely covered with both your hands, which help you attack with ease. If you master this posture, you will be able to protect yourself and add more strength to your punches. All good boxing clubs have easy learning methods to help you how you may use your hands to protect your face, your elbows to protect your body and use your shoulders to prevent punches hitting your chin.


  1. Basic boxing footwork is something you would have to learn thoroughly as a beginner. Experienced boxing trainers know that very well, so they teach you step drag and pivot activity in the easiest possible manner. It may seem difficult in starting, as most people have a habit of jumping but when it comes to boxing, at boxing training centers, experts prefer that you stay more on ground and be ready for any attack that comes your way with your maneuvers.


  1. Basic boxing punches are again a very important aspect in terms of boxing. At times throwing punches in the air may relax you. Remember to use your non punching hand in your defense, also exhale whenever you hit. Boxing in training centers helps to use your punches as a trick, where you will be able to use your whole body weight in your punch without leaving your balance.  As you are beginning with boxing what becomes more important is learning punches in a proper method later you may use it in variations.


  1. Left straight jab can be used as a vital weapon in boxing, your trainer will help you learn that every combination of punches you use should begin with a jab. This punch in a speed would make your opponent shocked and give you time for attacking him with more punches.


  1. Bob and weave are a very good way to unbalance your opponent and prevent punches.
    Think about somebody throwing a punch in your direction, all you need to do is bend your knees to avoid contact. Training centers for teaching boxing in Geelong and other big cities around the world help you practice like a duck posture and this is to be an up-down movement.


  1. Left hook is one of the most dangerous punches in boxing. It helps you to defend your opponent by a side angled punch when he is expecting a straight punch. This type of punch can also cause knockout, as it makes the head spin and opponent dizzy. A smart trainer will teach you that boxing is not only to defense but also offense.


  1. 1-2 Punch is another great combination taught by all training centers, which uses left jab followed by right straight punch. This combination, when properly used could lead to a knockout.


  1. Left uppercut is another very good move to throw punches at a distance. Those who have been in a ring, considers it more powerful than jab. The only risky part in this move is you should be really close to your opponent.


The above workouts will help beginner boxers to learn boxing in a professional way and to advance their training. Good boxing clubs provide professional training including all the above workouts. If you want to learn boxing going in Geelong Australia, ETC Geelong is the best choice.