8 Best Workouts for Beginner Boxers

By on Jan 31, 2015 in Health & Fitness |

There are millions of ways to stay fit and healthy, but it’s on you what you choose for your own. You may have thought of boxing, as a sport that we see and enjoy. But are you even aware, how much it could help you to raise your fitness level. Boxing is one of the greatest workouts. It is also the most challenging than any other sports you could think of. If you’re a beginner in boxing and lives in big city, you can easily find a boxing training club who can teach easiest methods to help you in your boxing regime. Boxing training centers are having a variety of exercises by using boxing principles and cross-fit styles.


  1. Fight stance or basic stance makes it easier to attack and defend for beginner boxers. In this posture, you are completely covered with both your hands, which help you attack with ease. If you master this posture, you will be able to protect yourself and add more strength to your punches. All good boxing clubs have easy learning methods to help you how you may use your hands to protect your face, your elbows to protect your body and use your shoulders to prevent punches hitting your chin.


  1. Basic boxing footwork is something you would have to learn thoroughly as a beginner. Experienced boxing trainers know that very well, so they teach you step drag and pivot activity in the easiest possible manner. It may seem difficult in starting, as most people have a habit of jumping but when it comes to boxing, at boxing training centers, experts prefer that you stay more on ground and be ready for any attack that comes your way with your maneuvers.


  1. Basic boxing punches are again a very important aspect in terms of boxing. At times throwing punches in the air may relax you. Remember to use your non punching hand in your defense, also exhale whenever you hit. Boxing in training centers helps to use your punches as a trick, where you will be able to use your whole body weight in your punch without leaving your balance.  As you are beginning with boxing what becomes more important is learning punches in a proper method later you may use it in variations.


  1. Left straight jab can be used as a vital weapon in boxing, your trainer will help you learn that every combination of punches you use should begin with a jab. This punch in a speed would make your opponent shocked and give you time for attacking him with more punches.


  1. Bob and weave are a very good way to unbalance your opponent and prevent punches.
    Think about somebody throwing a punch in your direction, all you need to do is bend your knees to avoid contact. Training centers for teaching boxing in Geelong and other big cities around the world help you practice like a duck posture and this is to be an up-down movement.


  1. Left hook is one of the most dangerous punches in boxing. It helps you to defend your opponent by a side angled punch when he is expecting a straight punch. This type of punch can also cause knockout, as it makes the head spin and opponent dizzy. A smart trainer will teach you that boxing is not only to defense but also offense.


  1. 1-2 Punch is another great combination taught by all training centers, which uses left jab followed by right straight punch. This combination, when properly used could lead to a knockout.


  1. Left uppercut is another very good move to throw punches at a distance. Those who have been in a ring, considers it more powerful than jab. The only risky part in this move is you should be really close to your opponent.


The above workouts will help beginner boxers to learn boxing in a professional way and to advance their training. Good boxing clubs provide professional training including all the above workouts. If you want to learn boxing going in Geelong Australia, ETC Geelong is the best choice.