In Love with Melbourne Cup & Fashion

Melbourne cup is one of the most stylish, fashionable  and prestigious Australian event with thousands of people flocking in from different parts of the world to experience the day. Check out the awesome video about fashion, celebrities, fun and activities the event brings along with it. This info post has been shared by We Click Melbourne –  one of the most popular speed dating event website based out of Victoria. Check out their website for more events..

Horse Race Video – California Chrome

Horse racing events have been around for quite a while. In earlier times, they were associated with the rich and the aristocracy. However, in present times, they can be enjoyed by millions of spectators. There are a large number of horse racing events organized across the world. If you are passionate about the sport, Lynden Parks Stallions blog will provide you the much needed dose of information. The blog has some interesting articles and video posts about various kinds of horse racing events. Watch the video to experience the thrill and excitement associated with horse racing events. The video will surely make you fall in love with the sport.

Horse Race Event at Narragansett Park in Pawtucket

Horses have been the love of the classes since ever. Horse racing is an event which due to its aspiration status has charmed one and all in the high societies. The magnificent animal makes everyone fall in love with it. Our blog lets you align your social life with the recent horse events to help you plan your social calendar. The video resources on our blog help you understand the horse related sport better. Also if you are new to this, we give you a small hint of the popularity and the excitement associated with these events. If you are a horse racing enthusiast – we help you learn the ropes.

Horse Race at its Best

If you are one of those enthusiasts always on the look out for something new to try and some new people to meet and talk to, read this blog to keep yourself updated with all the singular and diverse events that are happening in the city, so you do not miss out on one. You can also get to know details regarding stallion management services here, and along with informing you about every carnival in the city, we specially focus on horse racing events, and the Melbourne Horse Cup. Do watch and enjoy an interesting horse racing video that has been shared here.

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The Beauty of Hockey: The Greatest Game on the Planet

ce hockey is a challenging game. It is mostly seen playing in Australia. While people play ice hockey they get injured. If we follow some easy techniques and take some measures this game can be played with less injuries and will be more challenging. The players play an important role in this game, they need to be proper athletics. The first most important preparation for the players is Physical, mental and emotional preparation which is very much important to achieve a high rate of success for this game. The goal is considered to be the winning point of the game. Players should concentrate on the goal. This has been sponsored by Table tennis tables for sale and pool tables for sale by  a Melbourne based TR Sports business. 

Melbourne Cup Carnival the celebration that stops a nation

The Melbourne Cup truly is the epitome of all horse racing events ever to have existed on a global scale. Held every year in the city of Melbourne in Australia, this race involves the top horses from all around the world. Several people come to this event, as it is nothing short of a carnival that brings the entire city to a standstill. There are several people who bet on the races as well and earn a lot of money. But, how to bet on the races and how to make this a perfect getaway for the entire family? Simply search for blogs over the internet and understand what the bloggers have said there.

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White Night Melbourne 2015 – A Time lapse

Besides being among the busiest commercial cities of world Melbourne is also regarded as the hub of cu Australia’s art and cultural. With a variety of aboriginal art galleries and local festival you can enjoy the authentic food and flavours of Melbourne. The White Night is one of most prominent event that everyone eagerly awaits for every year. It’s a magnificent mega event takes place from dusk to dawn which is a platform for visual art, illuminations, theatre, fashion, film and music. The central attraction however is the free performances by both veteran and aspiring artists. All night the central streets, lane ways and public places are crowded with throng; hustle-bustle, melody and lights seems to adorn the ambience. This Melbournian post has been sponsored by Melbourne based event & conference speaking agency. Check out their educational conference speakers and entertaining after dinner talks here. 2015-08-31 14-30-50

Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival – what to expect?

Melbourne has always been the favourite place for the horse lovers, who like betting on horses and stallions or even for those, who own their stallions and want them to participate in the biggest of racing events. The famous Melbourne Cup event is also a part of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival that is the most awaited event of the year, enjoyed by the people of the entire country in the months of Spring. 2015-08-31 14-26-25

Different cups and events in Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival:

The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is the event that horse lovers and stallion owners wait for the entire year. The most important aspect of the racing competition or event is certainly the Melbourne Cup. This is the major cup of the event that hosts races and competition amongst some of the best breeds from across the globe. Stallion owners come to Melbourne during this Spring Carnival to have their stallions participate in this prestigious racing competition. The Melbourne Cup Carnival is a four-day long event that is held in the month of November, during the early half of the month at Flemington. This is home to this prestigious cup and every year, the competition to win this cup is held in here.

The other most important cup is the Caulfield Cup that holds a three-day long competition amongst the stoutest, thoroughbred stallions. This cup is played for at Caulfield, and hence it receives this name, and the competition is held in the month of October.

The carnival mood:

Although the events in this horse racing competition are solely associated with the stallions, but the mood that this competition sets is indeed a unique one. People come to Melbourne from different parts of the country as well as from across the globe. They all get indulged in a festival and carnival spirit, and the entire city receives a festive mood, where everyone enjoys and takes part in the wonderful races and competitions. 2015-08-31 14-28-19

At Moonee Valley and at Sandown, there are many other race days held during the two consecutive months of October and November and these are the WS Cox Plate day in October at Moonee Valley and the Sandown Classic day in November at Sandown. These two single racing days or competitions are also no less exciting and those, who miss out taking part in the Melbourne Cup or want to take part in only a single day competition, prefer to choose these cups or plates for their stallions. 2015-08-31 14-30-50

The best part of these competitions is not the prestige of winning alone, but also the huge amount of prize money that the horses will bring to you as their prestigious owners. The prize money depends on the distance that the horse has to cover and also on the prestige and popularity of the cup or plate that the horse is racing for. You can get a complete detail of the days on which the racing competitions and events are held so that you can enjoy the competition and take part in it. 2015-08-31 14-31-42
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Melbourne Cup Carnival the celebration that stops a nation

The Melbourne Cup carnival is an event where the entire Australian nation comes to a standstill. It is held in November at Flemngton each year and during this period, several thousand tourists visit the country from all parts of the world. The history of this carnival, shown through paintings, goes as far back as the 1900’s, when there were already 100,000 people in the stands. Horse racing is a popular event here. Emotions of the people during the race are very well captured on video. People who enjoy good things and love to be part of the city come together during this cup. As fashion is a big part of the carnival, celebrities from several parts of the world turn up here. 2015-07-20 14-04-18

Top Guides Regarding Ice Hockey for Enthusiastic Players

There does not exist a single person in this world who is not fond of sports. Experts have clearly stated the fact that sports provide freedom of expression along with boosting the level of self-confidence. It also contributes in the maintaining of self-determination along with allowing a high level of competition is hence providing the feeling of high-level achievement at a young age.

Safety Guides Regarding Playing of Ice Hockey

When it comes to the playing of hockey on ice, the question is unanswerable. There are many sports fans who take it as a big challenge to win the game. But many people due to lack of safety tips fall prey to injury. There are some easy to follow techniques regarding ice hockey safety guides which may prove to be helpful for the athletes to reach their goal. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Preparing from top to bottom – Though ice hockey is played very rarely due to the inclusion of some challenges, but the players play an important role in this game. As they hold an important role in carrying out the success of the game, it is better to become well trained from day one. Physical, mental and emotional preparation is very much important to achieve a high rate of success. Keeping indulged in the workshops will let you know about some easy to follow tips and tricks. Please give due stress to stretching and warm shorts before you attempt to play the game. 2015-07-20 14-03-07

  • Setting up the goal – It must be noted that the goal is considered to be the key to winning the hockey game. Hence in order to achieve the goal, you must try to keep your heads high instead of putting down. Until and unless you aim the top, you will not be able to move ahead from your present position. Prevent your mind from giving up and losing up of the level of confidence. While playing, try to remain relaxed and take no tensions as it may divert your mind. 2015-07-20 14-04-18

  • Proper communication – Proper communication forms the most recognized ice hockey safety guides. The goalie plays a vital role in the winning of the game due to which he must be the loudest in the game. There must be proper communication between the goalie and other members of the team to defense the rival group. It will also enable in providing proper direction to the whole team. It is good to be vocal especially if you are being screened at or in case an opponent is close to you. 2015-07-20 14-05-17

  • Wearing of the ready position – It is good to be at the right position to maintain the proper going on of the game. A nicely trained hockey goalie training drills and guides must be followed while starting a game and continue without any interruption. It is better to stay low with the knees bent, and the body weight must evenly distribute on the balls of the feet. Please note that the body must be the square of the shooter along with keeping the gloves in front and the stick in front of the blade flat on the ice.